Fruit & Vegetables

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Apple Mariri Red
$4.59 per kg
Apple Pacific Beauty Kg
$3.10 per kg
Apples Granny Smith Kg
$5.49 per kg
Apples Jazz Snackers 1.​5kg
$6.00 each
Apples Lemonade Kg
$4.29 per kg
Apples Nz Champ Sunscrisp
$4.29 per kg
Apples Royal Gala Kg
$5.89 per kg
Apples Sunrise Kg
$5.69 per kg
Avocado Hass Each
$1.69 each
Black Grapes 500g
$6.99 each
Broccoli Each
$3.69 each
Brussel Sprout Pp
$7.49 each
$4.99 per kg
$4.59 each
Butternut Kg
$2.19 per kg
Butternut Pumpkin Half
$2.39 each
Cabbage Green
$5.99 each
Cabbage Green Half
$2.99 each
Cabbage Red Half
$2.84 each
Capsicum Green
was $2.79 $2.00 each
Capsicum Orange
$4.59 each
Capsicum Red
was $3.10 $2.00 each
Capsicum Vine Sweet Mini Peppers 175g
$6.99 each
Capsicum Yellow
was $3.39 $2.00 each
Carrots Country Fresh 1.​2kg
$3.79 each
Cauliflower Each
$6.59 each
Cauliflower Half
$2.89 each
Celery 1/​2
$2.39 each
Celery Each
$6.10 each
Celery Sticks Tray Each
$2.49 each
Chillies Red Each
$1.29 each
Courgettes Green Kg
$19.39 per kg
Cucumbers Telegraph
$3.49 each
Fresh Superb Herb Basil
$3.50 each
Fresh Superb Herb Coriander
$3.50 each
Gourmet Garden Herbs Basil 80g
$4.99 each
Gourmet Garden Herbs Ginger 80g
$5.99 each $0.24 10G
Grapes Green 500g
$6.99 each
Hunt Farm Baby Spinach 150g
$3.50 each
Hunt Farm Mesclun 150g
$3.50 each
Just Foods Crushed Chilli 185g
$2.69 each
Just Foods Crushed Garlic & Ginger Mix 185g
$2.69 each
Just Foods Crushed Ginger 185g
$2.69 each
Just Foods Marinated Garlic 380g
$3.99 each
Just Foods Organic Crushed Garlic 150g
$3.79 each
Kemp Roberts Chocolate Dip 120g
$1.99 each
Leaderbrand Gourmet Baby Beetroot 250g
$4.49 each
Leaderbrand Sweet Corn Vacuum Packed
$3.49 each
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